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Portee is all about finding the truth and your dream about your good shoes,

like a ‘pal that bring your step into a new place . A ‘pal that you will be proud to show to ! The only ‘pal that suit your style - grace - and your ego !

No gimmick / no construction scam - we only make the best for you, that's why our name stand with "GOOD".

Portee is inspired by the grace of artisan and bespoke shoes worn by our grandparents and their favourites celebs and muse of the old age , the smell of the leather of their stuff and the memory of their journey.

Portee is not a synthesis, a variety, a pseudo product that need blazing gimmicks to define its quality. Or some fancy rocket science specs list so you can brag to your neighbor. Its just a simply good pair of shoes born from our astute eye for details. We want to share shed of knowledge about good construction meets finest materials in every line of our collection. Please enjoy Portee Goods Shoes, we call it good shoes for a reason.


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