Porteegoods Porteegoods


If you are looking for a custom tailored fit or desire a more specific design, our Porteegoods is the ultimate custom shoe service. Each shoe is made on best lasts crafted to your measurements, and are fitted with either special order sockliners or footbeds. Porteegoods are made from the most luxurious suede we ever meet and some of best leather material in indonesia.

Portee is all about finding the truth and your dream about your good shoes, like a ‘pal that bring your step into a new place. A ‘pal that you will be proud to show to! The only ‘pal that suits your style, grace, and your ego!


In this section we want to explain each specification type of Portee shoe and how it is made. First thing however, a couple of points, every pair of Portee are handmade, handlasted using high quality material by top craftsmen in our workshop. Lasts are developed by last master around the world who’s known for their skill of creating beautiful and comfortable last. We have several lasts for different type of feet and models. One of our signature last are what we called military last which made in USA inspired by shoes worn by high rank United States troops. The beauty and comfort of this last are second to none.

Here are the types of Portee with its specification:

Portee Custom

Portee Custom are made to order service. Here you can design and customize your own combination of shoes material/color and outsole using our model and last. You can combine as many materials as you want in your pair. Every Portee Custom are made using genuine leather/suede, genuine lamb skin as lining, genuine leather welt, and made using blake-stitched construction. This is our highest quality line.

Portee Goods

While we always persistence on keeping our level of quality as high as we can, we understand that there’s high demand of people who want to wear our shoes but don’t feel the need for incredibly high levels of specification. So we decided to make ready to wear line with a bit lower specification. We name them simply as Portee Goods. Designed by us in our studio, the noticeable difference will be that Portee Goods will be using faux lather as lining material, suede leather upper and faux leather welt. We will still using the same last and pattern as Portee Custom. We simply revalued it into more affordable prices without sacrificing comfort much. These shoes represent the most incredible value for money, every bit a Portee at a price that doesn’t require a mortgage.